Slide tablet digital menu for restaurant

Tablet Digital Menu for Restaurant

Reduce wait time to order for your customers and take their dining experience a step ahead with the digital menu solution of Lirapos !

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Why do you need to have a Digital Menu solution at your restaurant?

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Get rid of paper menu

Paper menus are a traditional way menus are handled and with this a lot of costs are incurred as well in constantly updating them and refurbishing them from time to time. With digital menus on tablets, all the hustles faced in paper menus are resolved and the customer experience and engagement level is elevated.

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Elevate your customer experience

One of the biggest concerns a customer faces when they are seated on the table to dine is getting the attention of the staff to get menu or take order.This problem is completely solved with digital menus since diners can place orders from the menus itself. This makes the dining experience much more about enjoyment for them.

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Improve the productivity of your staff

Your staff needs to handle the tables to take orders as well as get them served as well. Now, they only need to focus on serving the orders. This helps to increase the table turnaround which indirectly impacts the sales numbers as well. With orders placed through tablet menus, there are less chances of goof ups in the orders as well.

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Display menu with images and items in more details

With our solution, you can add HD quality images for each of your menu items for customers to get an idea of the look of the dish. This works for the best if they are planning to try new items from the menu since the look plays an important role in the ordering process.

More details like the spice level of the item, the calorie level, the number of servings and the ingredients can be displayed to help customers order in an informed manner and rely less on the staff to get through the ordering process.

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Customers can place order from the tablet itself

Customers can add the items from the menu and place the order from the tablet itself. This is again a step up from the traditional way wherein they need to wait on the staff to take the order.

Menus can be divided in different sections so customers can easily navigate through the same and place orders. A separate section of offers can be easily created to impulse order from the customers taking the entire order value to a higher level

Get feedback as ratings to improve your services

As important as it is to deliver a great dining experience, it is equally important to know what your customers think of the food you serve and the hospitality you offer.

Diners can rate the dishes and other set criterias which can let a restaurant decide if they are satisfied to understand the areas to be improved. This will also help customers understand that their feedback is valued and taken care of

Digital Menu Features

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Menu updates are frequent in restaurants and hence they need to go for a system that allows easy menu updates. With so many in-built menu templates of menu that can be tweaked by adding one’s logo as well as menu categories in colors that work with your branding the most.

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Interactive Menu

With digital menu boards, you can create a more detailed menu with item images and detailed description on each. Besides, if any item is not available then you can easily remove it from your menu so customers do not face any disappointment upon placing an order for it.
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Item Modifier

With digital menus, you can change items as needed and tailor them to the preference of customers and according to the understandability of the staff so they know and understand exactly what customers have ordered.


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Order/Item Remarks

Some customers might be allergic or not used to a certain level of spiciness. In such a situation, customers might want to specify things that should be avoided in preparing food they have ordered. This can as well be easily managed from the customer's side or from the waiter’s end. 

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Quick Search

With the quick search feature, customers or staff can easily go on to search for menu items as they need. Specific menu items can be easily searched with its name from different sub menu items.

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With the Device group functionality, any menu that is being used across multiple devices can be easily updated in all of them at one go.


Customers Feedback

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