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Online Ordering Website for Your Restaurant

Let customers order food directly from your website. Zero commission charges, less order cost and flexibility to order.

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How does your own website ordering solution help your restaurant!

Having your own website is less heavy on your pockets, offers you flexibility of timing orders along with delivery and costs less to your customers.

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Save on third party costs

Third party services cost upto 30% of the commission on every order thus eating a lot of revenue margin. Having your own website ordering platform can help you save on that entirely.

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Create Loyal Customers

Having your own website ordering solution will give you a chance to take care of everything right from food to delivery. The entire control of cost and order management stays with you. It relieves you from third-party commission services

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Increase your ROI

The thought of having your own website ordering solution sounds costly however a bit of research on it will lead you to the fact it is in fact affordable and reaps more benefits than the actual investment. More orders, more freedom and more reliability at a less cost.

restaurant website ordering solution

Restaurant Website Ordering Solution

Takeaway/Curbside/Delivery have more future market compared to Dine-in. By having your own website ordering solution, you can manage the orders flexibly, grab more orders, manage delivery costs as needed and market your food and offers as needed without relying on anyone else.

You can have total control over the customer data and market your promotions to them to grab more order value and create loyal customers.

Restaurant Food Ordering App

A Mobile device can safely be called the most used electronic device making mobile apps a way to reach your customer directly. By having your own branded mobile app with great UI and easy to use features, your restaurant can stand out among others.

Customers need not open the website on desktop when there is an app available to place orders at your fingertips.


An easy to operate dashboard solution is important to manage the menu items, price updates, food images, change delivery timings and create offers. In-depth customisations to menu items can be added making it easy for them to order as needed. With access to your customer base, loyalty programs can be built and brand presence can be created as needed.

With extensive reports, customer preferences and choices can be known and offers can be created accordingly. With Lira POS Dashboard for your website, you have complete control to manage takeaway/delivery orders for your restaurant business as you need.

Online Ordering System Features

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No Commissions

Customers can place orders on your website directly instead of relying on third parties for the same and paying high charges.

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In built loyalty system

Create loyalty programs such that customers can earn loyalty points or discounts on orders placed with the website ordering solution.
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Unlimited Orders

There is no limit to the number of orders placed through your system.

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Dynamic Minimum Order

You can set a minimum order value for different locations as needed.

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Customers can order in advance and get the deliveries scheduled

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The online page is completely secure and we offer it with free SSL certificates.


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