Inventory Management

We’ll help you convert from manual paper-based, to greater automated purchasing.

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Simple is Better

Easy Tracking, Powerful Management

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One Application For Your Entire Company

  • Multiple suppliers
  • Multiple location
  • Direct access to suppliers
  • Order history / Management dashboard
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Save Money

  • Never forget to order an item
  • Don’t overstock
  • Avoid expired/spoiled items
  • Cut employee time to make orders
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Save Time

  • Item Grouping per storage location
  • Quick order placement with your phone/tablet
  • 5 minutes wizard mode to create inventory order
  • Stress free

Cloud Based Inventory Management Software

Plan Accordingly, Save Time

Are you struggling with organization but don’t have enough time to keep up? You’re at the right place! With Lirapos Inventory Application, you can seamlessly keep track of every key detail of your inventory, and manage assets. Whether you’re on the go or at a warehouse, our digital system guarantees organization and fulfillment. Customize stock alerts and take control of the most complex inventories.

Use our 5 minute wizard mode to create inventory orders. Cutting employee time not only saves minutes/hours to make orders, it also saves you money as well.

Create a stress free environment for your business


Save Money

Know when inventory levels are running low, and never forget to order an item. This application allows users to prevent overstocking and avoid expired/spoiled items. Conclusively, saving you time and money.


Maximize Your Space, Avoid Delays and Other Problems

While most organizations still run on pen-and-paper management systems, we'll help you convert from manual paper-based, to greater automated purchasing. You can stand out with your success by using our sophisticated software to avoid any shortages. 

Management Dashboard:

Check previous orders

Save employee time

Login at more than one location

Phone friendly

Tablet friendly

Direct access to suppliers

One Application To Make Your Life Easier

Lirapos offers one inventory application system for your entire company. Track multiple suppliers, and multiple locations without any complications, and have direct access to your suppliers. 

We’ll help you convert from manual paper-based, to greater automated purchasing.


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