Slide restaurant digital menu boards

Digital Menu Boards
For Restaurant

Show the menu of your restaurant on TV screens to engage more with customers

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Why do you need to have a Digital signage at your business space?

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Save on a lot of marketing costs

Print media has been one of the preferred modes to market services over the past decade. With digitalisation coming into picture, they will now be replaced with digital screens.Digital screens reduce printing costs and efforts of resources as well.

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Connect with your audience directly

Digital screens are way more interesting than any other marketing media you might opt to go for. They keep your customers hooked to the screens, offer ample of opportunity to communicate with your customers and thus create brand loyalty.

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Improved Sales figures

Instant offers can be displayed on digital screens that lead to impulse purchase leading to improved sales figures. Festive offers can be promoted well in advance with the pre-scheduling so customers can plan their purchases accordingly. 

All about our Digital Signage Software Solution!

push content to multiple screen with digital signage

Push content to multiple screens at one go!

With the robust digital signage software solution of Lira POS, clients can easily add an end number of screens to the system, group them and push content to all the grouped screens at one go without having to go for each one of them one after another.

The process of adding devices is simple. Devices can be added or removed as need be.

Pre-schedule content as needed beforehand

With our amazing event based schedule feature, one can schedule content for a specific day and time well in advance while keeping the current content playing. Simply select the day and time in the slot and add the content. The original content continues to play after the special event is complete.

Event based offers can be pushed to multiple screens that are placed remotely in a matter of seconds. Your team can focus on creating eye catching content instead of worrying how to get it on the screen every time.

multi zone tv screen with liarapos

Multi-zone to display variety of content on screen

A single screen can be divided into multiple zones to display different types of content on a single screen to utilise the space. The zones can be divided as needed and content can be streamed.

With multi-zoning, you are enhancing the ability of the screen to engage your audience since variety is displayed on screen and viewers can opt for the section of their liking.

Digital Signage Features

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Real-Time Synchronization

The menus or any content on the configured TV screens is automatically reflected once the updates are made from system side.

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Play content Offline

Once any content uploaded is downloaded into the playing device, it can keep running without internet connection.

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Multi-region screen

A single screen can be divided into multiple zones wherein each zone can be utilized to display a different kind of content.

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Scheduling Rule

Content can be scheduled flexibly into different campaigns or playlists as needed.

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Multi – Platform Support

Multi-platform – Create the content once and execute on any Lirapos digital signage App supported Player

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Content Preview

Content once created can be previewed before saving or sending it on TV screens.


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