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Digital Menu Boards
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Show the menu of your restaurant on TV screens to engage more with customers

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Benefits of having Digital Menu Boards

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Saves time and resources

Easy updates to the menu can be done in less time with minimum effort. The system is easy to handle and updates can be managed from anywhere since it is cloud based. Get your hands on our Digital Menu Board solution at Liara POS to get the most out of our versatile solution for your restaurant.

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Keeps customers engaged

With added beautiful HD images, Digital Menu boards can be eye-popping. With live social media feeds, video of the delicious food being prepared in your kitchen or fun activities at your restaurant during festivals can grab more footfall and attention.

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Market your offers the right way

With offers displayed during rush hours, the chances of them being cashed out increase thus offering more sales. Instant offers as well can be created and pushed on digital menu boards to make the most out of it. 

All about our Digital Menu Boards Solution!

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Easily edit digital menu items, prices and images

With our smart Digital menu boards, a restaurant can easily update digital menu items if new are added or old are removed. HD Quality images of food items can be added to create a visual appeal to the menus.

The flexibility of updating menus as needed and that too quickly makes this solution much more preferable

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Schedule offers and promotions as needed

Special offers on specific events can be created easily and scheduled well in advance so they play on that day. Promotions can be highlighted so customers can take the benefit of it. Happy hours can be seamlessly displayed based on the schedule they are set on.

New menu items can be highlighted by displaying them for a specific period of time during rush hours to get more orders on it.

Push same updates to multiple screens in case of numerous franchises

A lot of Quick Service Restaurants have multiple franchises. With franchises, multiple outlets need the same menu updates and it becomes a task to have the updates managed manually at each location.

With our smart device grouping feature, all the menu board devices on multiple screens can be grouped and the same menu update can be pushed to all the screens at one go.

Digital Menu Boards Features

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Multiple Screen Zones

Utilize the screen space to its best by applying multiple screen zones to showcase high quality food images, offers, new desserts on your menu or happy hour specials!

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Customizable Templates

With so many built-in menu templates that you can edit and customise as needed with your branding, you are spared of the worry of getting a menu designed so you can do it yourself.

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Schedule Offers

With LiRA POS’s system, you can pre-schedule specific menus or offers for a specific day or time as needed. Instant updates as well can be made to the menus or they can be scheduled as well in advance.

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Clean & Easy to Read

With LiRA POS’s wide range of system features, one can easily color code the menu as needed with categories and menu items in different fonts, colors and labels. This makes it easy to read the menu items for the customers.

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Quick Order

Customers can place orders quickly and easily only when they are able to read the menu items. The right font, its size, color that matches your menu and brand, the accommodating food images can make it easy for customers to place orders since they can view everything on the menu easily.

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Edit from Anywhere

Since the system from LiRA POS is cloud based, the edits and updates on the screen content can be made from anywhere without having to physically stay present next to the screen.


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