5 Tools to Increase Restaurant Sales and Boost Your ROI

digital menu for restaurant

Restaurant industry has taken quite a hit this year. With the gloomy dark night this year has been, a bright new day has arrived in the form of digital tools that the restaurant industry should rely on from now on.

Going digital is going to be the way forth. With this blog, we will explore the tools that every restaurant should try considering to stay at the top of their game.

Tools everyone in the restaurant industry should be using

1. Digital Menu Boards

Paper menus are definitely a story of the past. They need regular furbishing, constant updates and are a recurring expense.

With digital menu boards, things get way easier. They let you easily update the menu as needed, are a one time expense and offer way better engagement and convenience to users compared to paper menus.

If you are a QSR, go for one or two digital menu boards depending on the size of your place.

2. Tablet Menus:

Tablet menus are one of the best ways with which a fine-dining restaurant can elevate their services. Instead of diners waiting for waiters or managers to place orders and call them everytime they need anything, tablet menus can be a good way to make them self-reliant and place orders right away for anything they need.

It might sound quite an expense but it is one time thing that is bound to reap you a lot in return. The best part is that good hd quality images can be displayed so users know how their ordered dish would look like.

More details on each item like taste, veg/non-veg, spice level, serving quantity can be displayed so the ordering process becomes smoother for a diner.

3. Online Ordering Website

Having online ordering service on your website that does not rely on third parties will help a restaurant save a lot.

Third-party ordering services charge a lot for their services and they tend to eat up a lot of revenue restaurants earn. By having online service on your website, you will get rid of third-parties and would be able to manage the takeaway/curbside/delivery orders easily.

Complete control of your orders will help you manage everything as per you wish instead of relying on others to deliver a right experience to your customer.

4. Restaurant POS System

Most of the restaurants use a POS solution these days but the main question stays whether they are using the right POS. With a right Point of sale, a restaurant can streamline many operational processes and enhance the productivity of its diners.

Make sure you go through the features that a POS solution offers before signing up with it. Also, since your staff is going to use the POS solution, ensure that it is easy to understand and that your staff is properly trained to use it.

5. Restaurant Self-Ordering Kiosk:

By placing a kiosk in your restaurant, you can raise the engagement level for your customers where they can explore your menu while they are waiting. With self-ordering kiosks, you eliminate the need of a waiter to get orders. Customers can place the orders directly.

By targeting up-sell items with these kiosks, you can get more order value and increase sales. They will also help you stand out among other restaurants who are still contemplating on the idea of having a kiosk or not.

With things still far from getting to the way they used to be, smart and reliable digital tools are a way that restaurants can get their operations rolling. They also ensure more safety of your diners. Reach us out at if you are planning to have any of these tools at your restaurant.

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