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The cloud based solutions at Lirapos tools help your business by opening ways to connect with customers.

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Our Tech Tools That Help you Achieve Your Business Goals

lirapos digital signage solution software

Digital Signage Solution

Easily create and control your content across remotely placed screens easily.

  • Easy to setup and quick to operate
  • Pre-schedule your offers well in advance or almost instantly as need be
  • Take benefit of integrated third party apps to display feeds and connect with customers.
  • Add or remove screens as needed. Push the same content to multiple screens.
  • Simple CMS that anyone can use, helping you to set up in minutes.
online website ordering system

Online ordering website

Control and manage your takeaway/delivery orders with our free website ordering system

  • Get rid of third party commission costs altogether.
  • Setup your website ordering system in just five minutes.
  • Customise your menu as needed along with food images and branding of your need.
  • Easy to manage and understand with no coding skills required
  • Attract more traffic with the right SEO to your restaurant website
lirapos restaurant point of sale

Point of Sale

Go digital with our robust and smart Point of sales solutions that take care of your every functional need. Easily transform your smartphone or tablet into a Point of Sale solution.

  • Take online orders and replace manual recording and paperwork
  • Encash the benefit of offline version to avoid network glitches
  • Issue printed or electronic receipts
  • Manage promotions, offers, discounts or refunds easily
  • Get detailed reports on customer choices/preferences
  • Access the system from anywhere remotely
self ordering restaurant kiosk

KIOSK Solution

With our handy kiosk solution you can easily optimise the ordering process both in-store as well as in drive-thru thus having an easy ordering process, improved operating costs as well as better profits.

  • Go for customised branding to improve customer experience
  • Create and display menu as needed in a way customers understand your food items and menu properly with less guidance from waiters.
  • Simple ordering steps for guests so they can enjoy the dining experience
  • Easy update to prices, menu items or combos
  • Highlight your weekly promotions or events as needed
  • Customised and detailed reports to better understand customer preferences.

Customers Feedback

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